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Accrue is a marketing company in Calgary, Alberta. More specifically, we’re a sales and marketing coaching and consulting firm for the owners of start-ups and small to mid-sized businesses.  Learn more About Accrue Marketing.

Video Transcript

Hi I’m John Watson with Accrue Marketing.

If you’re thinking of building a website, there’s a good chance you’re planning an online brochure about your business. Who you are, what you do etc.

Unfortunately, we see the aftermath of brochure building all the time. People spend money on brochure websites that look nice and tell their story. But when they start sending visitors to the website, nothing happens. A brochure is rarely what you need, but it’s what you get when you don’t know what to ask for. The challenge is learning to ask for help achieving goals, not help with independent tasks.

Think of a website like a cog in your marketing machine. Any cog by itself is useless. To create any value, it needs to serve a purpose within your machine.

So what’s the purpose of your website?
Exactly what outcomes is your website supposed to produce?
Few people can answer this question clearly.

Many websites are built without clear goals or performance constraints. It’s like the difference between art and industrial design. If the goal is to be beautiful, you want art. If the goal is to produce results, you need to design a machine. Machines can be beautiful too, but if it does not work, it’s useless.

Back to your website.
We’re guessing you don’t really want a website. What you want is a way to achieve goals with your website.

So Let’s Talk about your goals and how to achieve them.

About the Author

John Watson is the president of Accrue Performance Marketing and the author of Mastering Marketing, the Being Profitable Program, several ebooks and an avid blogger. He serves as a sales and marketing coach and fractional Chief Marketing Officer for companies that cannot yet justify a full-time CMO. He's focused on helping startups and growth-focused companies develop powerful brands, customer-centric websites, sales leads and complete commercialization programs.

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